Isn't it sad that the abuses of some people make life so difficult for everyone. Email addresses traditionally are put on websites so that all you have to do to email someone is click on their name and then your email program pops up with a new post set up and ready to send after you type in your post.

Unfortunately, this has provided the equivalent of internet vandals with a ready shopping ground for addresses and now specially designed robots comb the internet harvesting these for all that idiotic spam. So we're sorry that we can no longer put a legitimate email address on our website.

If you want to email anyone in the Wallis family, you should address an email to sherry at sherob dot com.  Squish this all together so there are no spaces and substitute the sign @ for "at" and the period (.) for "dot." 

It should look like this:  Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you want to call or send us snail mail, please email and we'll reply.  Thanks.

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