Sherob's Cookbook Introduction


Have you ever had a chance to look at an all-purpose cookbook, like Joy of Cooking or Good Housekeeping Cookbook? If so, you might have noticed that they have a lot more Dog dish full of foodthan just recipes. They tell you what to look for when you buy the ingredients, the best ways to store, prepare, and serve them. This includes how to set the table, what kind of utensils you need. In these compendiums of household knowledge, you may find a section on converting to metric measurements, cooking at high altitudes as well as suggestions for stain removal.

This On-Line Cookbook follows the same tradition on a much more modest scale. Obviously, by now, you've figured out it's for dogs. So you won't feel left out, I've thrown in a couple of people recipes as "lagniappe." If you've been wondering about that word, it means "Something Extra" and is borrowed by Texans from our Louisiana neighbors.

The Cookbook began when someone on the Showdog List asked for a way to facilitate weight gain in dogs. Someone remembered a recipe for "fat balls" and then I remembered a variation on it. Before long, we were firing emails back and forth with all sorts of goodies for dogs, and I began collecting them so we could refer to them later.

When someone sent instructions for making cool mats, and this seemed the logical place to put them. Same thing with puppy formula, the Deodorizing mixture for skunked dogs, and, yes, the famous HAIR ON A DOORKNOB RECIPE too.  These have ended up in the lagniappe section along with some of my favorite recipes for people food!

Look around and feel free to copy these but give proper credit if it's on the recipe. If you have a suggestion or a great recipe you want to share, please send it to me, Then you can share it with others.

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