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Welcome to Sherry's Dog Information on the Web.  A lot of material Sherry has written is compiled here and is being added to all the time, so be sure to check back.  This page summarizes what is available in this section, although you can reach any individual article as well as this page from the main menu above. 


Sherob's Cookbook

I've always been fascinated by cookbooks and all the useful information some of them contain.  This one has some recipes for food for dogs and people as well as instructions for making cool mats and scarves, deskunking remedies, and an assortment of other hints and cures,

If you have a favorite recipe you'd like to share or a tip, please let me know about it. This button will take you to the Cookbook's Introduction.  Individual pages can be accessed from there or from the main menu bar above. 

Akita Temperament

Sherry's article on Akita Temperament was first published in installments in several issues of the ACA quarterly newsletter, Akita Dog.  It is so popular, it has been reprinted in Hoflin Publication's Akita World magazine and has since been reprinted in many rescue handouts, breed information packets, and on many websites in many countries. 

It is quite long, so it's broken into several pages.  You can access them by topic from the Introduction page and by page from the main menu above.  There is also a printer friendly version for download.

Akita Temperament Revisited
The original AKITA TEMPERAMENT article generated so many inquiries, that Sherry followed it up with an additional article, available here in two parts.  The first discusses dog aggression, it's levels, causes, and some suggestions for dealing with it.  The second section continues this discussion and outlines "Leading the Dance," a non-confrontational protocol for dealing with difficult or new dogs to establish their place in the household hierarchy.  A printer friendly version is available for download
Spots Before Your Eyes--About white coat markings SPOTS BEFORE YOUR EYES is a PDF file.  Like many breeds, Akitas have white markings to varying degrees.  In this article, Sherry discusses the genetics that govern the distribution of color with illustrations of how the spotting genes express themselves in markings. 
Akita Noses A friend called and asked Sherry to write something about Akita nose and coat color because of an experience she had in the ring.This is an area of great confusion to judges and breeders which is thoroughly discussed and illustrated in PANDORA'S BOX OF NOSES.  The entire PDF document is available for high speed download. Slower connections can download it in sections from this page
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