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Teresa called me one day and asked me to look at the two puppies she and Rick had out of Cuervo and Revo.  They wondered if I might be interested in one of them.  "Are you kidding?" I half-way yelled. "I have enough dogs right now.  I need another one like I need a hole in my head, but I'll come over and look at them, just to evaluate them."

When I pulled up in the driveway, Dazzle and Georgia at 5 mo.I saw two look-alikes running toward me.  They were both lovely, but one....well...I thought she was just stunning.  After looking at the two, I told the Wittes which one I liked best and we had some good-natured joshing, because Rick and Clint Livingston (who often handles their dogs) liked the other better while I had sided with Teresa.

On way home, I kept seeing the one I liked. That night, every time I closed my eyes, I saw her.  The next day, I called Teresa and told her that I had the perfect name for our bitch and she was going to really like it, because it was a song written by Teresa's grandfather! 

Because I couldn't quit thinking about her, the name was going to be Georgia on My Mind, and I'd be picking her up that afternoon. And that is how Georgia came to our house.

She won a huge 9-12 class at the Phoenix national.  Cuervo, her father, won BOB there, but the icing on the cake was when he also won the Stud Dog Class with Georgia as one of his get. Georgia finished shortly thereafter, winning BOS at the Lone Star Akita Club Specialty and another major at the companion all-breed show that weekend. 

Now, she's Ch. Sherob Stardust Georgia On My Mind, and while her sister Dazzle (Ch. Stardust New Sensation) has been taking care of puppies her, Georgia has been out showing.  She's won many Best of Breeds and has multiple group placements, including some firsts. 

Georgia's pedigree will open in a separate window which you can just click to close.  Below is a slide show with some of her wins. A controller panel can be activated by clicking on the icon with little squares.  This panel has thumbnails and can be moved out of the the photo field by positioning  your mouse over the cross, holding down the right mouse button and moving it to a better position for viewing. 

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Georgia at a match when she was 3 mo. old
  • Georgia at a match when she was 3 mo. old
    Georgia at a match when she was 3 mo. old
  • Same match, 3 mos
    Same match, 3 mos
  • Match
    What a cutie!
  • Another shot from the match
  • Here she is a 5 mo.
    Here she is a 5 mo.
  • Just over a year
    Georgia at the LSAC specialty with Teresa. John Lucas gave her a major and BOS. She finished at the Cy Creek show that weekend.
  • Group 1
    Chris Ann Moore has done a great job with Georgia. Here she is winning Group 1 under Jon Cole

Georgia at a match when she was 3 mo. old