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Welcome to Sherob Akitas' home on the Web.  Here we can share some of the wonderful dogs that have passed throughout lives over the years.  Most of our dogs began their lives here.  Some of them stayed with us until they died and others went elsewhere. A few dogs have come to us from other breeders.  Regardless, we've loved them all!

Over the decades that we've been active breeders, we've also been involved with what is called "rescue," an attempt to rehome dogs. While no one knows what the future holds, time has taught us that buying a dog should be a decision considered by and agreed upon by the entire family and that they need to do research to determine if:

  • An Akita is a suitable breed for all the family members
  • Your living situation fits the needs of the breed
  • You undestand what the adult dogs are like in terms of appearance and temperament
  • You can spend time training and working with the dog

This site offers a lot of material to help you answer these questions. The ones in this section pertain to buying and taking care of a dog, regardless of from whom you ultimately acquire one. The menu on the right will take you to these, or you can access them from the upper menu from anywhere on the site. 

Below you'll find the index to information about the dogs we've bred and/or owned in reverse alphabetical order.  Most times, our litters are  named by alphabetical themes. Frequently, we've cobred and coowned dogs with others, and in those cases, so that everyone's kennel  name fits on the registration papers, we've shortened ours to some form of "S," usually, Es.

NOTE: The litter pages are a self-contained unit.  You can access each page from any other litter page but to reach other portions of this site, you will need to return to this page or the Sherob Home page. 

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