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First Akita Litters

The Witte's and the Wallis's are delighted with our new arrivals from Dazzle and Dylan. There are two boys and two girls, and this is our W litter, so they'll be named for Westerns. Robert's our expert consultant in selection, since he's seen every Western, especially the John Wayne ones, at least three times!

About the Slideshow:

We add sets of photos as the puppies grow, so be sure to check the Thumbnail control.  You can view this by clicking on the set of squares above the main photo window.  It's on the far left. 

The Thumbnail controller can be moved by positioning your cursor over the cross, holding down the left mouse button and then dragging to where you want it.  When you release the mouse button, it will stay positioned. 

Clicking on any section will put the first photo into the main window.   To see the Slidshow, then, just click on play and it will start.   Of course, clicking on any thumbnail will put that photo in the window. We'll keep addiing sections as they grow in weekly sets, so be sure to check this featuer of the Slideshow.  Enjoy!


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  • 2wbg
    Bigger girl close up
  • 2wbg2
    The bigger girl
  • 2wbscomego
    The two boys from different directions
  • 2wdazpup
    Dazzle with her brood. The bigger girl liked to get into the corner at this age.
  • 2wkbb
    The bigger boy
  • 2wklg
    Dazzle with the smaller girl and boy
  • 2wlb
    A close upof the bigger boy.
  • 2wlbbg
    A race across the box between the smaller boy and larger girl
  • 2wlbbgrear
    The smaller boy and the bigger girl face off. She likes to instigate play and has started barking once in a while at her brothers to get them to play with her.
  • 2wlbgoodbite
    Dazzle has a big smile but I didn't take a very good picture! It looks like she's getting ready to eat the smaller boy.
  • 2wlg
    Dazzle cleaning up the littler girl
  • 2wlg2
    More mothering of the littler girl who always tried to duck out of these sessions, but wasn't quick enough here.
  • 2wlg3
    At this age, puppies just fall asleep in the middle of whatever they are doing. Here the little girl was investigating a new toy.
  • 2wlgbs
    The larger girl and the smaller boy are often together
  • 2wmompup
    Dazzle with her brood. The whelping box is on semi-permanent loan from a friend of mine who has Great Danes. Look at it closely, because it has the coolest ledge around the top. It makes a nice place to sit so you can lean over the pen or to store toys when you're cleaning up. They fold down like a box top.

  • 3bgmomsear
    The bigger girl explores her mother's ear
  • 3wbg
    Close up of the bigger girl
  • 3wbg2
    The bigger girl asleep
  • 3wboys4
    The two boys are sacked out
  • 3wboysplay
    At this age, they start playing.
  • 3wboysplay3
    More playing
  • 3wkboysplay2
    A fierce attack!
  • 3wkbb
    Close up of the smaller boy
  • 3wkboys
    Two boys exploring
  • 3wkboys2
    Two boys playing
  • 3wkboys3
    The smaller boy has the fuller collar and is closest to the camera
  • 3wklgbb
  • 3wkmomshere
    Mom's arrival is a big event.
  • 3wksbclose2
    Close up of the smaller boy
  • 3wlb
    Close up of the larger boy
  • 3wlb2
    One of the boys
  • 3wsb
    Smaller boy from the top
  • 3wsbclose
    Smaller boy close up

  • Playtime at 4 weeks
    Big boy and big girl were trying to pick up this stuffed bone, but, as you can see, he's a terrible ham! As soon as I started shooting photos, he lost interest and started posing. You can't see him, but the smaller boy has gone to sleep on one of the pig rails at the back. He never budged.
  • Smaller girl
    The smaller girl has staked out the bone as hers since her brother isn't intersted in sharing the ball
  • They've discovered the ball
    Big boy struggles to pick up a small tennis ball
  • Tennis ball
    Big Boy suddenly notices the tennis ball. It's been there for a couple of days but no one paid it any attention.
  • Tennis ball
  • This isn't so easy to figure out
  • Now if he could only stand up with it!
  • Who cares about the ball?
    You can just barely see the smaller boy sacked out on the pig rail at the top of this photo. The big girl made a try for the ball but it was too hard to pick up so here she's attacking her brother's tail. Typical boy...he's only interested in one thing
  • Bigger boy with tennis ball
    Ear flaps close at about 2-3 weeks and drop over the ears to protect the developing puppy. Then for prick-earred breeds, they come back up. You can see this puppy's will be coming up soon by the way they are carried and shaped. At least we hope so!
  • Big boy from above
  • Big boy from side
  • Mine
    This is such an Akita look---Says clearly, this toy is mine
  • Smiley boy
  • New toy
    The ball has been abandoned for this new toy.
  • All three investigate the new toy
  • Bigger girl tries to pick up the bone
  • Carrying the big bone
  • It's worn her out
  • Bigger girl from rear
  • His sister is thinking about getting up and checking out the ball
  • Playtime
    The bigger sister is trying to invite some play, but the smaller girl and bigger boy are only interested in their stupid toys
  • Playing puppies
    Bigger girl has finally gotten some action. She and her brother are rolling around the pen.
  • Everyone has a toy
  • Whelpboxlid
    Several people asked about the whelping box. Each corner has a brace that holds the next except for one that is just big enough to hold but small enough to flex and let the adjacent one pass it--the same way you fold box tops to seal. This has seen a lot of puppies. Notice all the teeth marks.

  • Three bigger puppies
    This was the big adventure day. First time we haven't had rain so they could go outside. It was great for about 5 minutes, then they realized it wasn't 69 degrees..in fact, it was about 90 and about 90% humidity. All they wanted was to go back inside.
  • More of the three big puppies
    It was so hot and humid that the camera fogged up. Some of these photos aren't the best quality, but with puppies, the time comes and goes and tomorrow, they're different.
  • The bigger boy
  • More of the bigger boy
    He's imploring me to get him out. Good thing you can't hear the whines! They kept it up for about 45 minutes until they fell asleep.
  • Close up of the bigger boy
  • Close up of the bigger girl's head
  • Another head shot of bigger girl
  • The bigger boy from the front
  • Head study--bigger boy
  • Bigger girl, color is off because of fogging
  • The bigger girl was so miserable, she just sat and crined
  • More crying...too bad I don't have sound effects
  • The smaller boy--head study
    Actually these two are almot the same size. The nicknames have just stuck
  • Smaller boy up close...so sad
  • Smaller boy from front
  • The smaller girl explores
    She's the first one to investigate anything and everything.
  • Smaller girl up close
  • At the back of this pack, the smaller girl is checking out the bone
  • Smaller boy from the back.  He's trying to find a way out
  • Bigger boy posing
  • Bigger boy head shot
  • The smaller boy and girl check out the shredded paper and toys
  • Smaller boy checking out the newspaper
    Shredded paper makes a great bedding for older puppies. They often like playing in it, like kids enjoy piles of raked leaves.
  • The smaller boy finds a new toy