Red doorYa'll come in and meet the Wallis Family
Robert/John Wayne
Robert--An attorney for ExxonMobil who likes games--computer ones, poker and bridge on the Internet, and especially golf. Weekends find him on one of Houston's many great golf courses. 
Sherry as Maureen O'Hara
Sherry --You might say, Sherry's gone over completely to the dogs!  She writes extensively about them after many years of, raising, breeding, training, showing, and judging them. She's likely to be at a dog show on the weekend, either working for the show-giving club, showing one of her Akitas, or judging. 
John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara

All the Wallis Family are native Houstonians.  Many generations of both Sherry's and Robert's family have lived in Texas, and Sherry and Robert have lived  here all the time they've been married.  That's been well over 30 years, now, so, of course they don't look like this any more. 

They have two daughters:

Jenna as Judy Garland
Jennifer--Jenna's combined her ability to write with her love of fashion and contributes to a fashion e-zine, Papier Doll.  She still loves to sing.  She's started many events, especially dogs shows in the area, with her hauntingly beautiful Star Spangled Banner.    Like her parents, Jenna is a Houston Cougar, graduating from University of Houston with a BFA and BA, majoring in music, English, and Italian.
Meredith as Scarlett O'Hara
Meredith--After graduating from Whittier with majors in sociology and Spanish, Meredith took some time off and worked in Houston for a children's home and then for the Girl Scout Council in Tacoma, Washington.  Now, she's a second-year law student at University of California at Davis and living in Sacramento. 
Cross for Erica

This isn't about a member of our family nor is it a religious statement. Markers, photographs, and our memories are all that's left of a wonderful young woman who brightened our lives for a brief time.

On April 14, 1999, a drunk driver took Erica Starr Czerwinski's life. We invite you to visit our memorial to a vibrant, joyful person who touched many lives in her short life. Until people who've been drinking don't drive, a story like this will be repeated somewhere in this country every 30 minutes of every day of the year, accounting for almost 16,000 deaths a year.

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