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Like Robert, Sherry is a native Houstonian. Her mother's family has been in Texas for generations, too.  They originally settled around Conroe and Magnolia, north and northwest of Houston.

Sherry and Robert met at Lamar High School and both went on to attend the University of Houston. They married in the UH chapel after Robert's freshman year in law school. Right after that, they got their first dog, a German Shepherd. When they got a second one, Sherry began attending obedience classes, which lead her to showing in obedience and conformation.

Before long, she was thoroughly hooked and was showing most weekends of the year. She taught obedience classes and opened a boarding kennel with her grandparents in Conroe. She also owned Alaskan Malamutes and had become interested in other breeds as well as the Shepherds.

They moved into their current home when the kids started school and Sherry closed the kennel, bringing home the few dogs that were still there to live out their lives. They also got their first Akita, which began a long-term commitment to the breed, leading her to her another of her passions, judging dogs.

Sherry is a member of the Ft. Bend Kennel Club, the Houston Kennel Club,  the Lone Star Akita Club of Houston, and the Akita Club of America.  In most, she's served in some sort of office or worked on committees. She's currently the President of the local Akita Club. 

She served as an all-region representative for the Akita Club of America as well as the show chair for the 2004  National Specialty.  She also started the ACA website and wrote extensively for its newsletter.  Currently, she is chair of the ACA Genetics and Health Committee.

The response to her multi-part series on Akita Temperament sparked an interest in the causes and prevention of canine aggression. To learn more, she's attended seminars and workshops on canine aggression and interviewed many people about problems with their dogs.

The knowledge and insights into canine behavior she's gained from these accounts, her research, and classes have lead to serving as an expert witness in cases involving dog bites. The series on Akita temperament that started it and a follow-up series are on this website for your reference. Terms of use accompany them.

Fascinated by the Internet and its enormous potential for education and advertising, Sherry has been an avid student of website design, taking courses, and working through tutorials and other instructional material on the subject. After beginning with the Wallis site, Sherry built the original version of the Akita Club of America site and its subsequent redesign.

She's branched out into art, working in both digital art and with mosaics.  You can see some of her work in the Gallery section of this website.  Of course, she continues to write.  Since the publication of The Alaskan Malamute, Yesterday and Today, written with Barbara Brooks, she's been working on a book about dogs that work with livestock. 

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